Fringford Bonfire Night

Following the Guy Fawkes Night bonfire & fireworks, a concern was raised that people of the village are paying for the fireworks, then lots of outsiders come in to see the show for free, which doesn't seem fair.  Fortunately, this is not the case.  The celebration is organized and hosted by the Fringford Village Hall Committee (along with an army of volunteers for the event), and is by far the largest on our calendar.

We keep close track of all the finances, and can show that the door-to-door appeal raises about one third of the total collections, with the lion's share coming from voluntary donations by spectators on the night.  No money comes from the council or other taxes.

Six years ago, door to door collections paid for about 3/4 the cost of the fireworks, but now it is less than half.  This is because the amount gathered door to door has remained essentially flat, but the cost of fireworks has gone up 75%.  Part of the increased cost is inflation, but we also try to improve the show with better fireworks each year.  In 2012 they cost £1406, or just over £100 per minute!

Excluding food sales, this year we will have a surplus of about £500 more than the cost of the fireworks (plus grass seed and other minor expenses).

So where does this 'profit' go?  The Village Hall Committee has two streams of income; hiring out the hall and special events.  We try to set the price of hiring the hall so it covers the cost of heating, cleaning, caretaking and routine maintenance.

Special events such as Guy Fawkes Night, our stalls at the Candleford Beer Festival, and the monthly Bingo and Cinema Evenings are intended to raise additional money to improve the hall.  Recent improvements include the refreshments area and kitchen renovations, and next we will re-tile & paint the toilets.  Too often, we also have to pay to repair criminal damage & vandalism.  

For a complete picture, please come to our next Annual General Meeting!

Monty Smith


Also a big thank you to all the volunteers that helped out on the night and in the run up.

And not forgetting our sponsors:

Fresh Direct, Warburtons, Webmart and The Butchers Arms

Fringford Village Hall Committee